Different climates favoring different plants

Whether it is a fruit/vegetable –bearing plant or a flower bearing plant, it should be planted at the right time with a proper soil condition.

Each plant is different from the other and requires a specific climatic condition for their full and effective growth. It is very important for a gardener to first understand the type of soil in his garden space, study the climatic conditions and then decide on the plant options for his garden. This in depth research and study will help him in having a healthy and evergreen garden.

Gardening definitely takes time and that too when the space is bigger. You need to pay attention to each plant, understand the shortfalls in it and nourish it with the essentials. Regular cutting and trimming is important making way for new leaves and flowers. Watering them regularly is another important task in this skill.

Water forms the basis for their growth and this keeps them ever fresh and green. Also allow little sunlight to fall on each plant or plant all the saplings in such a way that they get sunlight at least a little from which they can get that very essential chlorophyll content necessary for them to stay green.